What Are the Most Popular OTT Streaming Platforms?

OTT streaming continues to be the most popular mode of video consumption for consumers. However, the competition between various streaming platforms is fierce as each platform competes to produce content to snag audience attention and monthly subscriptions. Learn more about the top platforms and why they are successful.

What Are the Most Popular OTT Streaming Platforms? Top Eight Platforms

1. Netflix

Netflix is easily the most popular OTT platform. As the original streaming service, the Netflix on-demand video library has grown to accommodate original series in dozens of languages from several countries. Unlike some other platforms, original Netflix content is only available on Netflix.

2. Prime Video

Prime Video is the OTT platform offered by Amazon. Amazon Prime subscribers can get access to a basic video library, purchase series, or rent movies. Prime Video produces original content, features live streaming for sports, and even streams movies that are currently in theaters.

3. Hulu

Hulu is a platform that is targeted toward a younger audience, typically young adults. This platform features syndicated TV shows and movies as well as original content. New episodes of current TV shows are available on Hulu the day after the original broadcast. There are several Hulu subscription plans to choose from, including bundles with Disney+ and ESPN+.

4. Crunchyroll

Crunchyroll is the most well-known and expansive video library for anime fans. Unlike other platforms, the content on Crunchyroll is dedicated to anime. Content on this platform is aired globally, and many series are aired exclusively on the platform.

5. Disney+

Disney+ is one of the fastest-growing OTT platforms. Not only does Disney+ include Disney content from the Disney Channel, but it also includes collections from Marvel, Star Wars, Pixar, and National Geographic.

6. ESPN+

For sports lovers, ESPN+ is an ideal OTT service. This platform is designed around live video streaming for sports such as football, soccer, and more. ESPN+ can be bundled with other platforms, such as Hulu or Disney+, and also includes original series that are available for on-demand streaming.

7. YouTube TV

YouTube TV is a premium extension of the world's most popular free video-streaming website. YouTube TV is unique among OTT services because it allows users to pay-per-view rather than subscribe to a monthly plan. This means that consumers can rent a movie with YouTube TV without also having to sign up for one of the subscription plans. YouTube TV offers access to 85 TV channels.

8. Peacock

Like other platforms, Peacock also offers original content, such as movies and original series. Peacock is an affordable option that can be bundled with cable or act as a stand-alone streaming service. There are multiple tiers for subscribers to gain access to larger on-demand libraries and ad-free streaming.
OTT services are designed to deliver video content to consumers via internet streaming. Over the last several years, OTT platforms have been rolled out to capture the loyalty of general and niche audiences. A great OTT platform understands the specific behaviors and preferences of its target audience by providing easy access to ideal content. Learn more about optimizing your streaming content when you get in touch with Lightcast.