What Is Addressable Advertising and How Is It Used With OTT Media?

Once reliant on traditional broadcast networks and cable subscriptions, viewers now have access to on-demand, streaming content across a myriad of smart TVs, connected devices, and mobile platforms. As OTT media options and viewership expands, so too does an exciting marketing revolution: addressable advertising.

What Is Addressable Advertising in OTT Media?

The magic of addressable advertising lies in the way it uses available data sources to identify and reach viewers. In the past, much of this process relied on tracking devices and third-party cookies. However, the industry is shifting away from this due to privacy concerns. Instead, addressable advertising thrives on the following core methodologies:

Signal-Based Targeting

While cookies tracked past browsing history, signals focus on present behavior. Signals might include location data, the type of content being consumed (sports channel vs. food show), search terms used within the OTT platform, or even time of day. Each signal helps form a real-time snapshot of the viewer and their current interests.

Household & Demographic Data

OTT platforms often collect information like estimated household income, zip code, and inferred viewer age range. This helps target ads without the need for individual ID tracking, reaching the most likely receptive audience segments.

First-Party Data

If viewers create accounts within your OTT service, any information they willingly provide adds another layer of targeting. For example, a cooking channel might show different ads to someone who self-identifies as a vegetarian.

The goal of addressable OTT advertising is to make marketing feel more like a conversation than a broadcast. By targeting based on the most timely and relevant data, it ensures ads align with what a viewer is interested in right now and cuts out wasted ads shown to those who simply won't care.

OTT Advertising Success with Lightcast.com

Lightcast.com's powerful tools and expertise put the power of addressable OTT advertising in your hands:

  • Maximize Viewership: Lightcast's extensive device compatibility and global reach ensure your content (and accompanying ads) are available on the broadest range of platforms. This drives massive, engaged audiences.
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Monetization Options

Our platform makes it straightforward to leverage various revenue streams. Cut out middlemen and negotiate your own ad pricing with sponsors and advertisers using integrated AdServer options. Access higher-paying opportunities via specialized ConnectedTV ad networks, and create recurring revenue streams from loyal viewers who are prepared to pay for premium content experiences.

The Future Belongs to Addressable Advertising

As media consumption becomes increasingly fragmented and personalized, the ability to deliver targeted ads tailored to individual viewers will only become more critical to advertising success. If you're ready to capitalize on this wave of innovation, contact our experts at Lightcast.com, where we can help you harness the power of addressable advertising.