What Is OTT Advertising and Why Is It So Effective?

Over-the-top (OTT) streaming allows users to access their favorite television content via the internet instead of using the traditional satellite or cable method. Not only does OTT streaming benefit consumers, but it's also a fantastic opportunity for brands to get their products in front of their perfect demographic. If you've heard about this effective advertising strategy but are still asking yourself, "What is OTT advertising?" keep reading.

What Is OTT Advertising and Why Is It So Effective?

If viewers love OTT because it places a variety of content directly at their fingertips, advertisers love it because it enables them to display their products right alongside consumers' favorite programs. Defining OTT advertising is straightforward: it's marketing something to viewers using OTT streaming while they consume content.

However, although the concept may be short and sweet, the benefits associated with OTT advertising are numerous. Here's why OTT advertising is an effective way to reach your audience and a marketing method you can expect to see more frequently in the future:

Advanced Targeting Is Effortless

With OTT advertising, brands no longer have to make assumptions about an audience. Instead, OTT media puts advertisements in front of consumers on a one-to-one vector. As a result, targeting your ideal consumers, regardless of their location, the program they're watching, or the streaming platform they're using, is easy to accomplish. That means advertisement efforts are more effective, benefitting brands and maximizing the return on their investment.

OTT Advertising Reaches Elusive Consumers

OTT advertising reaches consumers who have cut the cord and separated themselves from traditional broadcast television programming. Since these individuals can be hard to market to, brands are jumping at the chance to place their products in front of untethered consumers.

It also ensures that advertisements make it in front of the correct audience when traditional marketing would have required brands to make a general effort and hope for the best. OTT services allow brands to identify and reach almost any customer.

Tracking Views Is Easier Than Ever

OTT services provide enormous insight into what types of content consumers choose and their viewing habits. Getting a comprehensive snapshot of your target audience is a valuable resource for brands, allowing them to tailor their marketing effectively. Advertisers will never have to question whether their campaign made it in front of the correct audience.

Pixel-based tracking will enable brands to tell whether an individual saw an ad, if they went to an advertiser's website afterward, and how they behaved once they arrived. Finally, this data collection isn't limited to viewers using specific devices; brands can harvest this information regardless of the device viewers use to consume content.

OTT Advertising Holds Viewers' Attention

When consumers watch traditional broadcast television, they usually switch channels during commercials. DVR viewers will typically fast-forward through advertisements. However, with OTT media, consumers will get an ad break ranging from a minute and a half to two minutes and be able to tell how long is left before their programs resume via a countdown clock.

Although the ads can't be skipped, viewers are less likely to become distracted by the programming because they can tell how long they have to wait. By giving viewers smaller "doses" of advertisements, the marketing is more enjoyable for the viewer and more likely to hold their focus.

OTT advertising can't be beaten if you're ready to start making money off your content or display your product to your ideal consumer. Get in front of your target demographic by distributing content across multiple platforms with Lightcast. Contact Lightcast today, and find out how you can make OTT advertising work for you.