Get your FREE ROKU CHANNEL @Echo Conference

The Lightcast missions-fund has decided to sponsor every Echo* visitor with a custom Roku Channel App and an AppleTV/iTunes Podcast at a total value of $ 5,000.00! Just visit our booth and speak with a Lightcast representative who can help you to get your $ 5000,00 gift.

This gift includes a Custom Single-Channel Roku App in the Channel Store (together with Netflix, hulu plus, Disney, CNN, CNBC, NFL and hundreds of other movie, sports, documentary and Christian channels), branded with your corporate design and auto-publishing to your iTunes Video Podcast Channel.

Preview featured examples of Roku Channels hosted by Lightcast

This opportunity is unique and among the most cost-efficient broadcast venues available right now. You are automatically eligible for the sponsored custom Roku Channel and iTunes Video Podcast with any new 24-month video hosting subscription (or 24-month renewal for existing clients).

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*Echo is a church conference for artists, geeks, and storytellers. Each year we explore creativity in leadership, visuals, communications/branding, tech, and worship. The conference takes place from July 24th through 26th. More information on the conference and how to register at