Referral Special - "5 for 1" - refer 5 new clients to Lightcast and receive an entire year of free Lightcast service!

Receive 1 Year free Lightcast Services

If you register for this promotion by sending an email to support[at]lightcast[dot]com before End of September you will have the opportunity to receive your Lightcast service package for free for an entire year!

Simply refer your friends, business or ministry partners to Lightcast and receive a "1-month voucher" for each new activated subscription of the same or a higher level of your own service subscription. You can redeem those "1-month vouchers" instantly or collect them and redeem five "1-month vouchers" for an entire year of free Lightcast service. If you decide to collect "1-month vouchers" and to redeem them for a year of free service, then we will simply not bill you for an entire year during the next contract period. If you are already a member of our regular referral program crosstribution: referrals with this promotion are not eligible to the regular crosstribution referral commission.

Here is an example on how it works: let's say you have collected five "1-month vouchers" by October 2013 and your next contract period starts in January 2014, then you won't be charged for the next contract period starting January 2014 and you can enjoy your current service subscription entirely free of charge until January 2015! Isn't that quite cool?

Of course, if you feel that 5 referrals is to big of a challenge, then you can redeem the vouchers instantly and receive one month of free service for each redeemed 1-month voucher.

The decision is yours:

1 referral of the same subscription or higher = 1 month of free service immediately OR

5 referrals of the same subscription or higher = 12 months of free service starting with the next contract period.

The question is just: can you find 5 other businesses or churches who want the same Lightcast service you have, can you excite them and get them to order the same subscription you have or a larger one? One year of free Lightcast service is closer than you think! Here are a few tips: make a list of everyone you know who owns a business or runs a ministry or church. Include everyone you pass on a regular basis: independent shops and stores you purchase from, fellow churches and ministries you are in relationship with, acquaintances from business associations or professional networks - the possibilities are often greater than we think! Just remember: almost every business, church or ministry has a website or should have one and needs to market that website or integrate video and livestreams in order to attract new visitors, followers, supporters, customers. Lightcast helps every organization to GROW in visibility, traffic and revenue - and the majority of organizations around are looking for just that: growth! You can help them and bless yourself with a free year of Lightcast service.

Register for this promotion today - simply by sending an email to support[at]lightcast[dot]com .