Retain your Customers and Supporters - Don't give up on your Business


There is a multitude of news online which shows the incredible surge in streaming services, just within the past week, as communication with supporters, customers, constituents shifts online.

There will be many areas organizations will have to cut back on, but distributing content to as many streaming platforms as possible as their followers and supporters are at home watching everything they possibly can, is not one of them.

Retaining apps and viewerships, retaining contact with your supporters and customers is your lifeline. It might be the very lifeline (among earthly measures) which will keep your organization afloat. This is the time to maximize the use of an efficient multi-platform streaming setup like your Lightcast Media Cloud is offering you.


Just make sure your customers and supporters are able to give back to you, by ordering your products, or donating to your cause, as they retain access to your content and your organization’s brand through your TV Apps, Mobile Apps, Podcasts, WebApps and other Streaming Sites.

Make sure your constituents are not driven to social networks even more than they already are, but that they are driven to your custom-branded publishing properties and apps, where they remain subscribed to your brand, not to a social network in which your content is drowned by millions of other voices, offers and opinions.

At we are here for you, in full force, accelerating your online communication, distribution and reach. There are new opportunities, new creative ways to communicate, conduct business unusual, and grow in new areas.

One of them is to expand your reach to new audiences across new platforms and devices.
We are here for you making it happen and fueling your streaming media distribution every day
with the most powerful CDNs, transcoding farms and cloud infrastructures in the network.

Many media publishers have responded to our sponsorship offer and are taking advantage of the free TV Apps, Mobile Apps and WebApps, with live-stream and on-demand publishing automation, and integrated donation and monetization tools.

If you have recently ordered new services or new app development, we encourage you to please fill out the app specs forms as quick as possible and upload graphics and contents. Please use our full graphic design service if you want to get this off your plate as well. We would like to be able to submit your new apps, or app updates, to the app stores as quick as possible.

When it comes to streaming: utilize as much of your service package as you can. The more content you publish now, the stronger your influence with viewers. Many viewers now have time and financial resources they used to spend on going out, dining, entertainment, social events, vacations, trips, business travels.

The absence of many daily activities create a void for media publishers to fill and
a need for connections media publishers have the tools for.
You are best positioned to provide the contents, services, products and answers many now seek!

At we are in full operation for you, with increased workloads, energy and efficiency, working for you to make it happen. We encourage you to work with us by uploading contents and utilizing the services at your disposal to the full extent. We are here to assist and help any way we can. Just let us know.